Make an introduction. Get paid. The easiest way to make the most of your real estate license.


Maybe you have your license and still have a full-time job. Maybe you realized that the practice of real estate isn't for you. Or, maybe you don't even have your license yet, because you worry you wouldn't have time to serve clients well. There are so many reasons agents get their licenses, and even more why they let them expire.

Before you walk away from being an agent, consider becoming a referral agent with Boutique Realty Referrals and make money just making introduction!


How It Works


Step 1 -

Get Licensed!

To get paid for referrals, you need a real estate license. But this is much easier than you think. You can take the class online, sit for the state test and get finger printed, and you're done for 2 years!

Once you're licensed (or if you already are), authorize Boutique Realty Referrals to hold your license. There is NO cost to you!

Step 2 -

Pass The Lead!

Know someone who is ready to buy or sell a home? Or ready to build a new home? Introduce them to us, and let Boutique Realty Florida agents give them top notch service with the most advanced tools available.

Step 3-

Pass The Lead!

Once the deal closes, you get PAID. Most leads are paid out as 20% of what the working agent made. Just for the introduction!

For example, on an average $300,000 deal, the referral commission would be up to $1800!!

Learn more about making passive income with Boutique Realty Referrals

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